When an accident occurs, whether you feel it’s your fault at first or not, our first instinct is to give statements to the “kindly” insurance agent from the other driver’s insurer that befriend and sympathize with us. Don’t do it! In a state of shock, you are prone to say something that might harm your ability to get fair compensation later. And that’s exactly what your injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA will advise you to do.

If you are pressed by anyone on scene to give a formal statement or sign a document, politely decline until you have had the chance to consult with an injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA. The law does not oblige you to provide any statement of fact to opposing insurance agents. Making such statements is a double edged sword that can often leave your ability to collect just compensation severely restricted.

You would be well within your rights to request medical attention first, before recording any statement of facts. Sometimes, especially when suffering from trauma, under latent suggestive questioning by unscrupulous insurance adjusters and without consulting your injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA, you may admit to “facts” that are untrue.

These “facts” could subsequently be used to suggest that you, and not the real culprit, are the one responsible for causing the accident. A good injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA will always advise you to review relevant accident reports first, after receiving medical treatment, before considering making your statement.

Most insurance adjustors working for the other driver are well trained in suggestive questioning, and without having the benefit or the experience of a seasoned injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA on your side, you could end up grossly understating the extent of your injuries. Once again, it is information such as this that opposing counsel can use to decline subsequent claims for compensation, should your injuries actually be greater than initially thought. Your injury lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA will advise you to refer any comments on your medical condition or injuries to qualified medical personnel treating you.

A strategy commonly used by opposing insurers is to get you to sign “open releases” to get access to your medical records, past and current. Do not oblige them with this request without first consulting with your injury lawyer. At most, the adjuster could be granted permission to view records, but not speak directly to physicians, about the injuries you suffered in the accident. Anything beyond that should be out of scope and must first be cleared with your lawyer.

Remember, no matter how sympathetic opposing insurance adjusters might seem to you, they have a singular goal – to deny or reduce any claim for compensation that you might subsequently file. So, why make it easy for them to deny you your rights?

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