When it comes to keeping systems up and running, choosing the best parts for each component of the system is always the best option. Top companies across the state of Louisiana recognize the value of choosing the top of the line in parts and components for all mechanical and electrical power transmission solutions.

There are other bearings and brands on the market, but companies with mission-critical types of systems regularly turn to Rexnord bearings. These bearings have proven their ability to stand up in the most demanding types of applications and outlast other bearings.

In the state, as well as across the US, Rexnord bearings can be found in a variety of different places. They are sold online as well as in retail and industrial supply outlets, but the best option is to always buy from a recognized distributor. This ensures the support needed to get the right bearing for the job and to answer any questions about the choice, installation, and maintenance of the bearings.

Options to Consider

There are several brands in the Rexnord line, including Rexnord, MB, and Link-Belt. The specific options in types of bearing cover everything from ball, spherical roller, sleeve, and cylindrical roller bearings. They also offer a full line of filament bearings which are ideal in many applications as they are fully corrosion resistant and do not require any maintenance.

Along with Rexnord bearings, the company also provides both parts and kits for the bearings they sell. This allows your maintenance staff to have the option to upgrade parts on worn bearings, saving the cost of a full bearing replacement.

When downtime is a concern for a Louisiana company, choosing from the Rexnord line of bearings is always a good decision. Working closely with a distributor ensures the correct match for your bearing needs.