Top 3 Fine Art categories in recent times

by | Mar 19, 2013 | entertainment-and-media

Fine Art is a kind of visual works of art  mainly created or intended to appeal to the sense of beauty, spiritual significance or aesthetics rather than utility. It refers to an art which appeals to taste, and which is concerned with the depiction of beauty. It is created for the pleasure of the artist. Such an art form is generally expressed via visual and performing art forms, including sculpture, painting, dance or music, theatre, architecture and printmaking. This art form requires highly developed techniques and skills. It’s a study and creation of visual works of art and signifies a traditional perspective on the art forms. Fine art photography, Fine arts painting, Commercial Fine Arts all come under the umbrella of fine arts.

Fine art photography refers to high-quality archival photographs or pictures produced to realize the creative vision of the artist or an individual professional. There are various forms of fine art photography including Nude Photography, Blurry Photography as well as Scenic, Landscape, and Wildlife Photography. Such photographs are generally reproduced in limited editions, primarily be sold to dealers, collectors or curators, rather than mass reproduced for advertising or magazines. It is about creating visual presentations that will evoke emotive responses with an audience. It is a kind of photography that is aesthetically pleasing.

Fine arts painting is a distinctive field of creativity which manifests itself through myriad and vibrant forms of expression. This kind of painting allows the artist the liberty to play with colors and create magic on canvas with beautiful strokes of the brush, thus emerging as a unique field of study. Fine Art Painting presents the most direct and reactive means of expressing visual ideas. The most simplest to the most complex of issues relating to the human condition define the parameters of fine art painting.

Commercial Fine Arts is a phenomenon which involves the usage or application of different types of art for commercial functions including creating advertisements, billboards, book jackets, window displays, cinema slides, technical catalogues, packaging etc. Commercial fine art requires the artist to essentially be creative and original. The most important part of commercial fine art is to create something that fulfills the commercial and technical standards rather than just being a good piece of art. It broadly focuses on painting, sculpting, applied art ,graphic interior design, ceramic design, mural design, metal craft, pottery design and painting. Pragmatism, originality, selling skills and excellence are the parameters that completely define commercial fine art.

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