How to choose a driving school

by | Mar 19, 2013 | education

If you’re looking to pass your driving test, the first thing you’ll want to know is whether the school you choose is any good. Pick the wrong person and you could be mired in endless lessons going nowhere, likely failing test after test. That’s a scenario no one wants to be in. However, help is at hand if you find yourself in this position. The guide below will show you how to choose the right instructor.

Word of mouth

The easiest way to guarantee you are going to a reputable driving school in Nottingham, is to go to one your friends recommend. There’s no one you can trust better than your friends and families and you know they won’t have an agenda in promoting any one school. Listen to their experiences and find out what they like or dislike in a school. Make sure to find out about several schools this way before making your decision.

Driving test pass rates

Never trust driving test pass rates. There are no official pass rates and instructors often give you statistics that will mean anything they want them to mean. Some instructors will tell you that they have a 100% pass rate, but the fact is, everyone passes eventually – so what does that really mean? Some people learn for a while then give up, that’s quite common. Others pass in one test while some text several tests. Often the best instructors have low pass rates. That’s because drivers who have found it difficult to pass their tests go to these instructors. Always be aware of pass rates.

Get to know the driving school

Getting to know your driving school in Nottingham is another good way of making sure you’ve picked the right place. A simple phone call, for example, can make a big difference. Ask them about how their lessons are structured, who their instructors are and how many students they have. Find out about their curriculum and how they promise to take you through the course until the test. Be sure to find out whether they offer practice tests as well.

You should also try actually meeting one of the instructors. Take a sample lesson from them to see if you like their teaching style. A good driving school shouldn’t have any problem with this. If they do, then you’ve obviously gone to a bad school.

Make sure the driving instructor is fully qualified

Driving instructors must be qualified by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Those that pass a three-part exam set by the DSA are given the Approved Driving Instructor certificate. Those that are still training get the Potential Driving Instructor certificate. Make sure you know the difference and pick an instructor with the full qualification.


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