Lounge Music Artist Bookings in NJ for Themed Events

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For those seeking lounge music artist bookings NJ is the place to be. New Jersey helped create lounge music and as a result is crucial in its resurgence. Whether one wants to book a lounge music artist for a wedding, bar mitzvah or just a party with friends, there are plenty of great artists available. A Lounge music themed party is about more than just the artist performing – it’s the entire environment. After making the decision to go for a lounge music themed party, researching the genre is important to guaranteeing an authentic experience for one’s guests.

What Is Lounge Music?

Lounge music artist bookings in NJ are a popular way for hosts to ensure a memorable experience for their guests when planning a party. Lounge music is often a choice for intimate parties because of its nod to days gone by. Most people think of Wayne Newton performing in a lounge in Las Vegas when conjuring images of Lounge music, but it is much more than that. Lounge music was originally created in the 1950s as a genre of music that transported listeners to a different place, frequently a tropical paradise or outer space.

How To Set The Scene

Lounge music in relies heavily on the appropriate setting to be successful. Agents experienced with Lounge music artist bookings in NJ can recommend specifically what setting would work best for the particular artist hired for the job. Generally, one needs to create an intimate environment conducive to conversation and mingling. The lights need to be low, food and drinks kept simple and easy to carry. If possible, the host should decorate in a tropical or outer space theme. Retro wear is appropriate for guests. Women should channel their inner Jackie O. and men their Dean Martin.

What To Expect During The Event?

If planned properly any even with a lounge music theme should be a swanky, sensuous, yet unique one. The décor and artist should project guests to a far away land. The conversation should bring them back down to Earth. When all the guests dress the part one’s party is truly transformed into an affair to remember. When booking a lounge music artist in NJ one should be sure to ask for recommendations as to what features will enhance the party experience.

Anyone seeking to host an event to be remembered throughout one’s life should consider a lounge music themed event. Living in NJ there are plenty of excellent artists to choose from. Understanding that the artist does not a party make is the first step. Going whole hog on the décor in keeping with the theme will guarantee a success for any venue, be it a wedding reception, birthday party or holiday event. Before inquiring into lounge music artist bookings in NJ, party-throwers should research all a lounge music themed party can offer.


Lounge music artist bookings NJ encompasses a wide range of artist interpretation and can enhance any event. For New Jersey bookings, contact Kidlat Records

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