Tips For Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

by | Mar 19, 2013 | law-and-politics

Being served with divorce papers can feel like the end of the world, especially if you didn’t know that a divorce was coming. Whether or not your divorce is unexpected or you have been moving toward a divorce for quite some time, the fact remains that divorce is generally quite difficult. Having a divorce lawyer in Frederick, MD who understands divorce laws and can guide you through the process can help relieve some of the stress you may be experiencing. Following are some tips for selecting a divorce lawyer who fits your specific needs.

Word of mouth is always an excellent way to find a divorce lawyer in Frederick, MD. Chances are you know someone who has been through a divorce. Ask people you know and trust who is divorced about their experience with their divorce lawyer. If the person you ask likes their divorce lawyer, get the lawyer’s contact information. Call the divorce lawyer and set up an initial consultation to determine if the lawyer is a good fit for your situation. If you do not find a divorce lawyer through a referral, you may want to consider searching on the internet. Most lawyers have websites that contain information about the services they provide and a way to reach them. When you have found a lawyer you are interested in, set up a consultation.

During your first consultation with a divorce lawyer in Frederick, MD you should ask questions that will help you know if the lawyer is a good fit for you. Write down any questions you have before your consultation so that you will remember everything you want to ask. At the beginning of your consultation, explain your situation and give any details that may be important. Then, ask any questions you have. Some questions that you may want to ask are, “Have you handled cases like mine before? If so, what were the outcomes?” “How many cases have you tried in court this year?” “Do you advise your clients to mediate?” “What are your fees?” “Is there anyone else who will be helping with my case (paralegals, legal assistants) and what are their fees?” Ask any other questions that will help you determine if the divorce lawyer is the right one for you.

After your consultation, read over your notes. If you felt good about the divorce lawyer in Frederick, MD with whom you met, call the lawyer and ask what you need to do to retain his or her services. You may not like the first divorce lawyer you meet with. Having a divorce lawyer you like and trust is important as you are going through this difficult time. Do not stress. Take the time you need to find a lawyer you like.


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