The Experience of Scuba Diving Liveaboards

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Travel

Scuba diving is an event enjoyed by large and small groups for a morning or afternoon adventure. Then the group would return to their motel or seaside bungalow and plan the next day’s activities. But turn the experience basket upside down and inside out and what you have is an exotic scuba diving liveaboard adventure to wherever you want to go. So what exactly does the scuba diving liveaboards give for a life’s experience? Convenience of Liveaboards When going on traditional scuba diving excursions, the divers will board a diving boat, head out to the location of the dive, scuba dive for the day, then return to the boat, to land and to their housing for the night. The scuba diving liveaboard affords an experience of elegant housing, diving, delicious food and more diving without leaving the water. Logistical Simplicity of Liveaboards Some people do not like to go on vacations because it is so much work to just get to the destination. After arriving, there are so many things to take care of for the family to be happy with all the plans. Afterward, they go home more exhausted and frustrated than rested and relaxed. The liveaboard is a package deal – housing, food and the experience of scuba diving all in one location. There will be time for multiple dives on a daily basis because you will not have to figure time to return to shore and get something to eat or rest at your hotel. Dive, rest, eat and dive is the order of the day. The scuba liveaboard is more fun and less cost, more time in the day and less frustrations for all concerned. Liveaboard Amenities Scuba diving on a liveaboard is the same as turning your vacation over to professionals who know the where, the how and the why. All the diver needs is his personal gear. The destination is not a concern of the vacationers because the professionals know the best places and how to make the best of your time onboard. The liveaboard yachts are for 16 to 22 passengers with beds for everyone. Each passenger is decked out with plush terrycloth robe, hair dryers, air conditioning and all the toiletries you will need for seven days of pure fun. The passengers will have a choice of a master cabin or a deluxe cabin located on the upper deck and the lower deck respectively.

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