Transcend These Unprecedented Times with Sky Yoga in Chicago

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Travel

Chicago is an incredible, world-class city, but life on the ground can be crowded and cold. However, life on the 94th floor is not only is filled with sunlight, the air is fresher and cleaner too.

The practice of yoga not only strengthens and stretches your muscles but also, yoga’s goal is to circulate energy. This vital, bio-energy, often called chi or prana, comes into the body through your breath, as well as with sunlight. That makes sunlight and fresh air important to your yoga practice.

Fortunately for city dwellers, sky yoga in Chicago is a wonderful option to fill your practice with life-affirming energy.

High up in one of the city’s tallest buildings, your senses are filled with the four elements of water, fire, air, and earth. Spectacular views of Lake Michigan shimmer before your eyes, while your senses are treated to sublime sunsets in the afternoon. Visions of endless skies meeting the earth not only energize your yoga practice but also grounds it to Gaia.

It’s important to remain healthy in this crazy world, and yoga not only helps your body but also your mind and spirit. It’s easy to feel doubt, fear, and anger during these unprecedented times, but the practice of yoga transcends that. In fact, yogic breathing not only fills your body with life-saving oxygen, but it also eases uncomfortable emotions.

You can transcend the reality of city life with the ancient practice of yoga.

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