The difference between going on vacation, and having a real getaway spot is the difference between reserving a hotel room and renting a Miami Beach luxury condo. Staying in a hotel is always a bit questionable, even when staying with some of the finest establishments. You wonder how well the sheets have been cleaned and feel the constant need to lock and bolt your door in fear of a janitor or cleaning lady simply barging in unannounced. You vacation should not be full of worry and anticipation of something that could go wrong; it should be a relaxing time without a care in the world. Location A Miami Beach luxury condo is all about living the high life, whatever that means to you. What is your ideal vacation? You can stay in an all-inclusive condo in the city, right on the strip with all the trendiest bars and clubs. Or you can choose to rent a place on the ocean with quick access to a private strip of the beach. There are even luxury condos in the country, surrounded by hillsides or mansions, whichever you prefer. Amenities Rather than buying a condo, renting a Miami Beach luxury condo has the added bonus of the highly valued amenities. You can choose to have a pre-furnished condo with all the basic toiletries and linens provided to you, or you can fill the space yourself, making your freshly rented Miami Beach luxury condo into your own space. But for a vacation, there is nothing better than kicking back, knowing everything is taken care of by someone else. Price and Diversity Renting a luxury condo has the obvious bonus of being much cheaper than buying your own seaside condo. But it is not just price that makes renting a luxury condo so advantageous. When you rent, you actually end up being able to go somewhere else next year. This means if your favorite area of Miami changes, you do not have to worry about the resale price; you simply rent a different luxury condo next year. Privacy There is nothing better than a luxury condo for privacy. Unlike a hotel, you will not have to worry about other guests, annoying front desk greeters, or a pushy cleaning staff. What amenities you do have, you hand pick. Everything else can leave you and your company to yourselves. A luxury condo is not just about the status to buy it; it is about the quality of privacy you receive when you make the investment.