Strategic Planning For Evaluating Engineering Design Services

by | Apr 25, 2019 | electronics

Manufacturers in any industry have the option of completing work in-house or choosing to outsource specific aspects of the production to any company they select. While there is the case to be made for in-house design and development, there is an even stronger case to be made for any OEM outsourcing the early stages of the project to engineering design services.

Making a choice between in-house and outsourced engineering design services should be approached strategically. This includes recognizing the potential limitations of relying on your own team of engineers, as well as the costs and value-added service considerations.

Expertise in Design and Engineering

The key strategic benefit of outsourcing is tapping into the expertise available through top engineering design services. These companies not only have the latest in software and technology, but they also attract the most experienced engineers.

This expertise factor is an important consideration. With years of experience in working on design projects across multiple industries, the outsourced team can often pinpoint potential changes to a design that can streamline production time, cut production costs and also extend the life cycle and functionality of the device, part or system.

Support As Needed

In some situations, the internal design and engineering team may only require support in specific areas of the design. Finding a design service that provides this “on demand” or as needed support can be a very effective way to reduce the cost of the project while still taking advantage of the expertise and experience factors.

When considering the benefit of outsourcing these services, it is not just the cost of hiring the company that needs to be considered. Outsourcing can help to reduce time to market, and it also links your company with a contract manufacturer who can take the design through prototyping and even into production.

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