The Value Of Quality Rubber To Metal Bonding

by | Apr 25, 2019 | metal

In several industries and applications, metal to metal contact becomes a factor in the determination of parts and components. One of the most significant issues is that metal to metal contact can result in excessive wear and tear on both metal surfaces, or an increasing cost in additional finishing to create a hard, durable surface that resists abrasion.

Additionally, metal to metal contact between parts and components leads to increased noise in operation, particularly when vibration is a factor in the operation of the equipment, machinery or system. Adding rubber to the metal through the use of effective bonding options creates a damping effect on the noise.

Choosing rubber to metal bonding for parts can also eliminate the need for a separate gasket or sealing material, which not only makes fabrication easier but tends to extend the life cycle of the system as there is no risk of errors during the fabrication process.

Quality Services

When choosing a company for rubber to metal bonding for parts, an OEM needs to be careful about the methods used and industry-specific understanding of the company they contract with for the process.

Different environmental factors, including temperature, pressure, shear force and movement have to be taken into consideration when selecting the ideal rubber to metal bonding process.

Quality services take the time to understand the application for the part. They also carefully choose the adhesive used, and they often have more than one product they can recommend that will be effective in the given conditions.

The choice of an experienced company also means the process will be carefully monitored for quality control from end to end. With absolutely pre-adhesive cleaning of the surface of the metal, the correct application of the adhesive and then the rubber, these companies can provide any OEM with long-lasting parts.

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