If you change your business over to modern LED lighting, you enjoy many benefits. For example, an LED bulb socket retrofit can save you a lot of money on your electric bill each month. LED puts out far less heat than incandescent bulbs and gives you steadier and brighter light than standard fluorescent lights. Yet, there are other benefits you may not know about and here are some little-known advantages of turning to LED Lighting in Winnetka.

Natural Daylight

When you make an LED bulb socket retrofit, you enjoy the benefits of light which is similar to natural daylight. Your body clock responds to daylight, and most people have more energy and are more awake when exposed to this kind of light. They get better sleep on average too. When your people are awake and alert, they are more efficient on the job.


Alert people make fewer mistakes and cause fewer on the job accidents. When your facility has proper lighting, it is easier to see, and there are no shadows or dark corners. People walking and driving power equipment enjoy better visibility. You can decrease many common errors caused by insufficient lighting

Light and Headaches

Many people today suffer from tension and migraine headaches. If you experience eye strain on the job, this can contribute to headaches. Some kinds of head pain are disabling and can cause lost time from work. When you install an LED bulb socket retrofit in your facility, it makes it easier for people to see what they are doing and they may have fewer eye strain and headache problems.


If you run a learning facility, your students can benefit from natural lighting. Natural lighting makes learning easier and helps students concentrate better too. You can choose from several types of LED light to improve learning in your facility.

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