Most people have very limited experience in hiring attorneys. For a large number of people, hiring a Workers’ Compensation attorney after an injury or work-related illness may be the first time they have had to go through the process.

It is important to take the time to find the best Workers’ Compensation attorney to represent your interests in the claim. Hiring an experienced and specialized law firm in the Minneapolis, MN area that offers Workers’ Compensation representation should be a priority as there are filing deadlines that have be to followed to avoid the claim being denied.

When hiring a Workers’ Compensation attorney, you have the option to ask questions and to meet with more than one attorney before making a decision. Look for attorneys that offer a free initial case consultation. By doing online research and learning about the firm and the attorneys, it is possible to narrow your options down to one or two law firms to consult.

Experience in Similar Cases

Be sure to ask any attorney in Minneapolis, MN, about her or his experience in representing cases similar to yours. While no two cases are identical, knowing how the lawyer has handled past cases can be helpful in determining if they have the skills, knowledge, and understanding of the Workers’ Compensation system to be a good match for your needs.

Ask about Fees and Costs

Workers’ Compensation lawyer typically charge on a contingency fee, which means they are only paid out of a settlement if you win. This is ideal as there are no out of pocket or upfront costs at a time when you are out of work and focused on your recovery.

Some law firms charge for some costs separate from the fee. These costs can include photocopying, depositions, paying for medical experts, copying and all filing fees for the case. Be sure to know what costs are responsible for before choosing an attorney and law firm.