Three Considerations When Choosing a Stage for an Event

by | May 8, 2019 | Business

Planning an outdoor event involves a lot of decisions. One of those decisions involves arranging for a stage. If you have a musical group performing, you want a stage suitable for that type of event. Checkout some things to consider when looking at staging rentals for your upcoming event.

The Size

The size of the stage is the first consideration. How big is the musical group? How much space is needed for instruments and electronic equipment as well as the performers? You should choose a stage in a size that leaves performers plenty of free space for last minute additions of equipment.

The Shape

The shape of the stage is just as important as its size. Is the audience going to be in front of the stage? Or, are there going to be people on all four sides of the stage? You want to get a stage in a shape that makes it easy for the audience members to gather around and see as well as hear the performance.

The Setup Process

Consider the setup process when choosing a stage. Will there be a lot of time to setup a stage in the venue? If so, you can choose a more elaborate stage for your event. But, if you don’t have a lot of time to setup at the venue, it would be better to choose a stage with a simpler design. Think about the time frame of your event and how much time you have to load equipment onstage.

Lastly, when looking at staging rentals it helps to narrow your choices down to two or three. That way, you can evaluate the features of each to see which one would work out the best for the type of event you’re planning.

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