If you need to buy a gun, you will also need ammunition. While you may be able to find these items at a big box retailer, it is generally better to go to a specialty retailer. Doing so will assist you in finding the best products for your self-protection needs.

Learning More About the Anatomy of a Bullet

When you visit an ammunition store in Los Angeles, CA, you should already have some idea of how a bullet is made. The bullet is designed as a projectile, which shoots out of a gun’s barrel. Most bullets that you buy will have a lead core or be made with a soft metal. This metal will be encased in a harder metal, known as a jacket.

Learning More About a Cartridge’s Case

An ammunition store will also be the place you learn about the case of a cartridge of ammunition. The case is made to hold the whole cartridge together. Usually, the case is made of brass, but some cases are made of steel. Some firearms do not do well operationally if they feature a steel case of ammunition.

What Is the Propellant?

Check with an ammunition store about the propellant used in the case. A propellant is the explosive gunpowder that propels the bullet out of the gun’s barrel. The bullet features a rim. However, most cartridges that are designed for semiautomatic are called rimless. The rim is normally the same diameter as the case. A revolver cartridge has a rim that is larger, so it sits flush next to the cylinder. Semi-rimmed cartridges also exist; however, they are few and far between.

Get More Information Online Today

You can learn more about how ammunition is made when you visit a store, such as S Browne Supply LLC. By taking this type of initiative, you can find out more about how your gun operates. Just remember – the kind of ammunition you use is normally determined by the type of projectile that is used in the case.