A Personal Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI Represents Clients Whose Child Was Seriously Hurt at School

by | Nov 7, 2019 | law

If a child is seriously injured at school and the parents know or believe someone else is responsible, they may want to consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI. Sometimes negligence by school employees is the underlying cause of an accident. The parents will need evidence that the child was harmed because of these types of factors and not simply playing a sport or roughhousing with friends.

Examples of Employee Responsibility

How can school employees be considered liable for an injury? An example would be a grounds crew that does not apply rock salt or another ice removal substance to sidewalks and stairs coated in ice. If a child slips and suffers a fracture or a head injury, this should not be considered the child’s fault. A Personal Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI may represent the family if the school disputes its liability.

Another example would be a member of the grounds crew not being careful while operating a riding mower. Backing up the machine without looking carefully behind could result in hitting a child and causing an injury. A similar situation could happen if someone must drive a pickup truck on the school campus to deliver landscaping materials and strikes someone because of being distracted.

The Possibility of Filing a Lawsuit

Depending on the situation, the family may want to file a lawsuit against the school. The child may have been injured seriously enough for the healing to require many weeks or months. The youngster may have permanent negative consequences, such as a limp, decreased function of a limb, or disfigurement. The lawyer might include a demand to compensate for physical pain and emotional trauma.

Examples of Complicating Factors

These cases become more complicated when certain factors are associated with the incident. If the person who caused the injury was a minor child and this was truly unintentional and accidental, it can be difficult to pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit. If the child was willingly participating in a dangerous activity, that also is a complicating factor. Browse the site to learn how to schedule a consultation with one particular injury lawyer.

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