For a youthful look and to take years away from your face consider a face lift in Naperville IL. It is a fast, safe and easy surgical procedure to uplift the sagging of the skin, remove or diminish the lower face and eyelids creases and give a fresh and healthy look to your face. Your surgeon will evaluate the signs of aging on your face and create a plan for the face lift. Once the surgery is performed and the incisions have healed, it is generally not noticeable that you have gone through the face lift procedure.

Evaluation Of Candidate For Face Lift In Naperville IL

Generally a face lift procedure is more directed at females rather than males. The typical age group is 30yrs of age or higher. You are a good candidate for a face lift procedure if you have signs of aging, loose or sagging skin, creases on the eyelids or other deep creases on the face or a double chin. During consultation with your surgeon, he or she will perform an evaluation. Apart from discussing your medical history, a physical evaluation will be done to observe and study your bone structure, thickness and elasticity of the skin, facial wrinkles and folds and the underlying skin structure.

Once the evaluation is complete, your surgeon will create a procedure plan and discuss the various techniques to be used for the procedure.

The Procedure For Face Lift In Naperville IL

Your surgeon for a face lift in Naperville IL will advise you regarding medications that need to be stopped ahead of the surgery including certain vitamin supplements. You will need to stop smoking if you are a smoker. It is recommended to grow your hair long enough to cover the incision area if you have short hair. For outpatient surgical procedures, you need to be accompanied by someone who can drive you home safely.

During the surgery, your surgeon will administer the pre-discussed anesthesia and will use monitors to track your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse rate. The incisions are made generally from behind or front of the ears and sometimes into the scalp. Various lifting and tightening procedures are done underneath the incisions.

After the surgery, your face might be bandaged with small tubes under the skin to drain away the fluid. You might be discharged after the surgery or might stay overnight in the hospital for monitoring purposes.

Recovery From The Surgery For Face Lift In Naperville IL

The recovery time for a face lift in Naperville IL varies between individuals. Your surgeon will advise you on the pain medication and use of ice packs to reduce the swelling. The head should be kept elevated to reduce the swelling. Puffiness and discoloration is more visible after the dressings and drains are removed. Swelling usually subsides down in 48 hours and the bruises are healed within 2 weeks.


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