Injured or disabled at work? Make sure you are rightfully compensated

by | Mar 19, 2013 | law-and-politics

The laws governing workers compensation were put in to safeguard the rights of workers injured or disabled on the job. These same laws, unfortunately, are so complex and complicated to understand, that they often end up protecting the interests of the huge insurance corporations, and not the injured worker. But a conscientious workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA can help change that.

Injured or disabled workers sometimes do not realize that they have rights governing the time spanning even prior to a specific work-related incident. Without the benefit of advice from their workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA, most injured parties may think noting about working conditions that could potentially be the cause for the latest injury or disability. A trained workers compensation expert can spot this situation immediately, and lead you to filing a solid application that will be hard to reject.

Depending on the merits of the case, work-related injuries deserving appropriate compensation could include shoulder injuries, neck and back injuries, knee and hip injuries and Carpal tunnel. However,  a seasoned workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA will tell you that symptoms like stress and depression, chronic fatigue and other such “invisible” injuries can be the basis for compensation too.

Your medical records, and your initial application for compensation are two extremely important documents that will lay the foundation for a successful case for workers compensation. While your workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA can’t help with producing your medical records, he/she can advise you on how to ensure they are accurate and reflect your true state of mind and body deserving of compensation.

On the advice of your workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA, make sure you communicate every symptom and condition you are experiencing to your attending physician. Aches, pains, stress, restrictions in movement, headaches and mood swings. Sometimes, especially in high-stress jobs like Air traffic controllers have, or extreme working conditions like Miners experience, the injuries build up over time, culminating in eventual disability. Your workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA will tell you that leaving anything out can subsequently damage your case.

Your next big milestone is filing the initial application for claiming workers compensation or disability benefits. This document is the pillar to your future, and must be completed accurately and on time. An experienced workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA can make this filing process stress free and efficient. Sometimes applications can be dismissed or rejected on technicalities. Usually “technicalities” are breached when filing paperwork.

By involving a good workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA very early in the workers comp application preparation process, you ensure that all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” crossed so that your application sails through the process, unchallenged, until it gets approved and you receive the compensation and benefits you worked so hard to earn.


Why deal with the labyrinth of the workers compensation process yourself when  Putnam & Lieb can provide you the benefit of an experienced workers compensation lawyer in Tumwater WA.




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