How to Surprise Her with Custom Chocolate Hearts

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

If you are looking for the perfect way to surprise your sweetheart with a sweet gift, look no further than buying her chocolates. However, you don’t have to settle for just any chocolate bar from your local grocery store. Instead, you can order custom chocolate hearts that will truly speak to her and show her just how much you care about her. Indulging her love of chocolate is the path to her heart.

Surprise Her at Home

One of the best ways to surprise her with these chocolate hearts is to set them out for her so she can see them as soon as she gets home. Spread some on the bed so she sees them when she changes after work. Or perhaps it would be best to fill up the candy dish and set it out on an end table, coffee table or the kitchen table so she sees them when she walks in the door. No matter where you put them, she will love that you thought of her.

Send Them to the Office

Giving them to her at home isn’t the only way to really surprise her. In fact, you are more likely to catch her off guard if you send her custom chocolate hearts at her office for no reason at all. Imagine her surprise when the delivery person drops the box on her desk and she opens it to find an order of chocolates that are customized just for her. When you are giving them to her for no particular reason, she will be telling everyone how great you are.

Take Her Out

Another way you can surprise her is by taking her out on a special date and giving her the chocolates while you are out to dinner. Perhaps she doesn’t typically have room for dessert when you go out to eat, but you want to give her a special treat. She will be pleasantly surprised when you give her a handful of these delicious chocolates after dinner.

Surprising that special woman in your life with delicious custom chocolate hearts is a great way for you to show her how much you love her, especially when you give them just because. If you are going to give her these chocolates for no special reason, you can choose to surprise her when she gets home from work, send them to her office or even give them to her after you head out.

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