Age spots. It almost sounds like a dirty word, but the light brown to black marks appearing on your skin after too much time spent in the sun are there as a warning. While protecting you from harm, they also signal that more protection is needed. Slather on the sun screen and read these easy steps on how to fade age spots on the hands
Natural Home Remedies
Learning how to fade age spots on the hands using natural remedies relies heavily on one ingredient: patience. It will take several months to see fading. Treatments can also make you more susceptible to sunburn and increased skin damage.
Some of the most effective home treatments can be found right in your kitchen. Lemon juice is a popular agent for fading age spots and freckles. Applied directly to the skin for 15 to 30 minutes per day, your spots will begin to lighten several months down the road. There are a number of home remedies involving lemon juice, such as mixing lemon juice and honey. The additive is meant to keep the skin from drying out. Other common home remedies include onion juice and mixed fruit juices or the topical application of Vitamin E capsule gel.
Commercial and Prescription Skin Care Products

You can purchase creams and gels for removing age spots from either the beauty aisle or the pharmacy. Products containing retinol-A have a tendency to work more effectively than others. However, you can get a medical grade prescription Retin-A cream as well. These typically take several months to cause a lightening of the skin. In addition, there are at-home and in-office chemical peels that break down the outer layers of your skin, causing the blemished layers to peel away.
There is a level of risk that comes with home chemical peel treatments. You may want to visit a professional first for tips on application and to determine if your skin has any special characteristics to be mindful of. It’s important not to overdo the chemical peel process or you could wind up with dark patches of skin that pose problems for you in the future.
Home kits can be an excellent option for those who don’t want to pay the cost of an in-office peel or wait for home remedies or commercial creams to take effect. Learning how to fade age spots on the hands safely isn’t difficult, however, and home kits provide quick results at a substantial savings.