Fun for the Whole Family: Fitness Programs For Youth

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

No matter his interests, there is no excuse to promote your child’s sedentary lifestyle. From playing outside with friends to going on a hike through the woods, every child has the right to grow up happy, healthy, and strong, of which physical activity is key.

Make It Fun

If you’re in the market for fitness programs for youth, branch beyond your local gym to find activities that he’ll truly enjoy. Look into rec sports and after-school clubs, or take him to the local pool to swim some laps with friends. Most importantly, teach him that physical activity doesn’t have to be a hassle, and indeed is a normal part of a healthy life.

Set a Good Example

Not only do children inherently emulate their parents’ behavior, but they’ll be less inclined to exercise if they see that you are equally averse to it. Initiate a lively chat about the gym or bring your son or daughter outside to play a round of ball – who knows, you may even get other neighborhood parents in on the fun!

Practice Moderation

Instilling healthy habits in your kid is about more than exercise. Limit media during the day and encourage him to play outside on the weekends instead of sitting in front of the TV. If you sense resistance, have a chat with your little one about why he resists socializing – more than anything, your attempts to build a relationship will get him out of his shell.

At The MAX Challenge, we believe that health can – and should – start at a young age. While our program is designed for adults, we know that change is a whole-family process, and we encourage parents to seek interactive and engaging fitness programs for youth while embarking on their own journey to health. To learn more about out transformational approach, stop in to our fitness facility in Berkeley Township or visit us online at THE MAX Challenge of Berkeley Township, NJ.

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