Two Popular, Effective Ways to Make a Properly Less Welcoming to Ticks in Freehold, NJ

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Pest Control

Ticks spread Lyme disease and can cause plenty of other unpleasant problems when they become established in residential areas. When it comes to controlling Ticks Freehold NJ residents can take concrete, effective steps to resolve any issue that might arise.

Browse the site pages that delve into the subject and it will become clear that there should never be a need to tolerate the presence of dangerous, annoying ticks.

Many Ways to Put Ticks in Their Place

Parasitic ticks love to feed on the blood of people and their mammalian pets. The Ticks Freehold NJ locals most often come into contact with can also carry some truly dangerous diseases.

As such, it will always be best to try to keep a property as free from ticks as possible. Some of the tools that can be used to make ticks less likely to invade or remain around include:

  • Barriers.
  • Ticks prefer to stick to leafy brush and other types of greenery that keep them concealed. Once stashed away in an appropriate hiding place, a tick will simply wait for a tempting target to come by. Ringing the perimeter of a property with a barrier of inhospitable material will make ticks less likely to become a problem. Even simply putting down a strip of mulch a few feet wide will make life difficult for even the most tenacious ticks.
  • Mowing.
  • A lawn that is allowed to grow a bit might not look menacing, but it can provide the perfect sort of cover for many ticks. Keeping a home’s lawn mowed to a neat, short length will make it look and feel a lot less attractive to wily, sneaky ticks. The same goes for other types of plants, as with brush and the like that might be near a home. Generally speaking, the less foliage there is for ticks to hide in, the less likely they will be to stick around.

Professionals are Ready to Help Do Away With Ticks

Simple tactics like these can be used to make almost any property significantly less welcoming to ticks. Should any problems arise thereafter, pest control specialists in the area are always prepared to take even more focused, effective action against ticks.

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