Emergency Vet Services Could Save Your Pet’s Life

by | Feb 19, 2019 | health-and-fitness

When your pet has a health problem, it may not be obvious at first. This is one reason emergency vets Wicker Park is so important. Many conditions require immediate attention such as bloat, difficulty passing urine and trauma. These conditions can kill a horse, dog or cat if they are not quickly and properly treated. In some cases, it may require several days for your pet to recover. It would be necessary for your pet to remain in an intensive care unit until the trauma is passed.

Some health issues are obvious such as an injury that doesn’t stop bleeding within five minutes, choking and gagging or the consumption of a poisonous substance such as rat poison, antifreeze or chocolate. While many conditions are not necessarily emergencies and could wait until the morning, it is better to contact emergency vets Wicker Park and be safe rather than sorry.

Emergency vet services are different than regular vet checkups. In an emergency situation, multiple procedures and tests must be quickly done in order to get a correct diagnosis. This will enable the vet to stabilize your pet and focus on life-threatening ramifications. Any non-critical problems will be considered later. For example, a broken bone may be tended last after the internal organs have been examined and it is determined that the broken bone did not do any internal damage. The same may be said for skin lacerations. They are left open to drain naturally so no internal infection can develop.

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care is special training for vets to handle urgent and life-threatening situations. If you have any concerns about your pet, you should contact Village West Veterinary at VillageWestVet.com to understand when it is important to get your pet emergency care.

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