Criminal Lawyers in Toms River for Fraud Charges

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If you or your loved one has been charged with white collar crimes or maybe you are a victim of these crimes, like, securities fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement or computer fraud white collar criminal lawyers in Toms River can help you with your case. A white collar crime is a non-violent act and involves deception committed by a business professional.

Learn The Basics Of White Collar Crime With Criminal Lawyers In Toms River

There are many different categories of white collar crimes, including, embezzlement, perjury, bribery, extortion, fraud, racketeering and larceny amongst many others. These crimes can be prosecuted at either state or federal level depending upon which law was broken. These crimes are not taken lightly and usually result in jail time, huge fines and compensation to the victims of the crime. Whether you are charged with the crime or if you are a victim of a white collar crime, hire a skilled criminal lawyer in Toms River to represent your case.

As the world continues to get smaller electronically, white collar crimes, like, computer hacking and other hi-tech crimes are on the rise and almost half of them go unreported.

Learn About Antitrust Law Violations With Criminal Lawyers In Toms River

Competition saves consumers money and creates better and cheaper products. Antitrust laws are supposed to protect competition in the marketplace and violations of these laws come under white collar crime.

The main antitrust laws are:

The Sherman Antitrust Act passed in 1890 and is the key law regarding competition in the free market. It outlaws for any one firm to create a monopoly in any industry thus killing all competition.

The Clayton Act passed in 1914 and then revised in 1950 is a major civil statute for protecting competition and to check the rising prices due to mergers, acquisitions, or any other business practices.

The Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 is a civil statute and governs interstate commerce to maintain healthy economic competition in that realm.

Violations against these laws are considered felonies and often result in heavy fines or jail time.

Learn About Credit Card Fraud With Criminal Lawyers In Toms River

Using a stolen, lost, cancelled or fake credit card to purchase goods or services constitute credit card fraud. It is one of the most frequent white collar crime committed in these days. There are multiple ways for criminals to obtain the required information to get to your credit card. It could be from your personal belongings, discarded bills or mails or hacking the databases of credit card companies. This information then can be used in many ways to purchase goods or services, using internet or on-line transactions are one such easy option.

Preventing credit card crimes is extremely difficult and even though Federal Trade Commission (FTC), credit bureaus, credit card companies and businesses are making good progress but it is not 100% preventable.

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