Medical emergencies can strike at any moment. They don’t always conveniently happen during your primary doctor’s office hours. What do you do if you come down sick over the weekend or experience a minor injury later in the evening? You used to have only two options available. You could spend hours in the expensive emergency room or wait it out until Monday morning. Fortunately, the urgent care in Neptune, NJ, can help you when you need it.

Better Hours

Urgent care centers are open later than the typical doctor’s office. In addition to evening hours, many are open on Saturday and Sunday too.

Save Money

If you have a choice between going to the emergency room or visiting an urgent care center, the urgent care center will be more affordable. Many times, they can even be lower priced than your family doctor. You still receive professional medical treatment from licensed doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

Quicker Services

If you have ever spent a night in an emergency room, you know that it is a long, drawn-out process. You may find yourself in the waiting room for an extended length of time, followed by a long wait to see the doctor once you are called in.

Visit Now

If you are in need of medical assistance, you can rely on the urgent care in Neptune, NJ. Visit Central Jersey Urgent Care of Ocean at to see all they can do to help you and your family.