Best Tools for Performing Laparoscopic Port Site Closure in Hayward, CA

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Health

As a surgeon, you understand all too well the importance of beating the clock. When you have a patient lying on the table, you must close up their incision quickly so as to prevent infection, bleeding out, et cetera. Typically, you would need the help of a scrub assistant in order to pass specific needles and other tools to you. However, thanks to the latest in technology, you can perform a laparoscopic port site closure much more effectively.

The Barrier Kit

Not only does this kit help to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to perform a surgical closure, but it eliminates the need for an assistant to hand needles to you. Having the ability to dispense your suture needles as you need them can help you move faster, while also preventing contamination through passing. And with its ergonomic placement, you are still able to have an optimal view of your operating field.

The Needle Trap

As the name implies, the needle trap holds the needles in place until you are ready for them. You can mount this device onto your wrist with the help of a strap or attach it right onto the drape.

The Mini-Mount

A bit on the smaller side, the mini-mount is a handheld dispenser that can be attached to the drape as well. It includes a trap for small needles as well as large.

Whether you are performing a laparoscopic port site closure or any other type of closure, a needle trap can be your best tool. Not only can needle traps help keep the surgical site free from contamination, but they allow you to perform more efficiently as well.

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