Benefit From Legal Advice To Get Your Rightful Benefits!

by | Mar 19, 2013 | law-and-politics

As many of you may already know from personal experience, dealing with any arm of the government – whether it be Federal, State or Local – is always a stressful event. And seeking governmental assistance for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is no exception. While there are always good reasons for the prevailing red tape involved in these processes, often real people suffer. But if you have a well experienced and qualified Social Security lawyer from Middlesex County NJ representing you in these proceedings, your dealings do not have to be as stressful.

If you have your SSD or SSI application denied, for whatever reason it may be, the law usually grants you the right to file an appeal. However, similar to the original application, there are strict protocols and deadlines associated with the appeal process too. Usually, you are allowed no more than 60 days to file an appeal. But if your appeal is delayed beyond the approved deadline, there are ways to still file a valid appeal, and that’s where the experience of a qualified Social Security lawyer in Middlesex County NJ comes in.

While many individuals might consult with a qualified SSD or SSI lawyer only once their claims have been denied, it is always good practice to seek legal guidance from the start of the process – even before you file for such assistance. When your legal team is engaged in the process from the ground floor, you stand a much better chance of not being denied the claims in the first place. That’s because experienced lawyers are fully conversant with the Social Security system, and will ensure that all the paperwork is filed in order and on time.

However, if for some reason your claim is denied, having the same firm of lawyers now process your appeal means there is continuity in legal advice. Also if the original application, that you had filed by yourself, had some factual or legal errors to it, it may now be a challenge to have your legal representatives address those errors in an appeal. It may even be unfair to subsequently blame your legal team if their appeal is denied on the basis of those original factual issues.

Before making a decision on the lawyer you want to represent you in your SSD/SSI proceedings, be it for Health insurance, Taxes, Disability benefits, Retirement claims, or other Social Security eligibility, make sure your attorney has the required pedigree. At minimum, he/she should be a practicing Social Security lawyer in Middlesex County NJ , a member of the State of New Jersey Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America of New Jersey, the Workers’ Compensation Association and the American Bar Association, and should be a trial lawyer for at least 25+ years.

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