An Overview of Raw Dog Feeding

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

Raw feeding refers to the practice of feeding pets a diet that is primarily composed of uncooked meat, organs and edible bones. The holistic pet care movement is credited to Juliette de Bairacli Levy, a herbalist, back in 1930s. She wrote a book preaching the advantages of feeding dogs raw food. The food has evolved over the years, thanks to technological advances and input from academia.

There are several reasons why you should consider raw dog food if you are in New Hampshire. You do not need to prepare this food. This gives you unparalleled convenience since preparing dog food can take a considerable amount of time. Raw dog food New Hampshire is advantageous in that it leads to fewer allergies. Raw food has very few chemicals compared to conventional dog food. This is advantageous in that dogs are not likely to react negatively to the food.

Raw foods are low on ‘fillers’ such as soy, corn and wheat. This is important because fillers are low in nutritional value. Although raw food is more expensive than conventional dog food, the fact that the food has little or no fillers means most of it is absorbed by the dog’s digestive system. The dog will get hungry less often and will produce a lot less stool. This means you actually end up saving money with raw dog food.

Dogs that eat raw dog food have stool that is not as smelly as that of dogs that feed on processed foods. Dogs on raw food also tend to have healthier weight. This is because raw food is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Dogs are carnivores and you should feed them raw food since this enables them to identify with their surrounding much more accurately. These dogs tend to have more energy since all the right nutrients are absorbed. Other advantages of these foods are that: they boost the dog’s immune system, they lead to faster recovery time, the stool is firmer (meaning cleaning up after the dog is easier), the dog’s mouth is cleaner and the foods eliminate the need for supplements.

You should only buy raw dog food New Hampshire from a well-established dog food manufacturer and supplier. This is because raw food is more likely to be contaminated when handled improperly. You should have a fresh supply of raw food, but some manufacturers have frozen raw dog foods. You should only go for USDA-certified raw food to ensure it is GMO-, hormone- and antibiotic-free.

You could buy raw dog food New Hampshire from the manufacturing plant, from the manufacturer’s store, from a pet store, from a leading retail outlet or from a supplier’s warehouse, but the best place to go for the dog food is over the Internet. Online shopping allows you to shop anonymously, safely and cheaply.

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