The security of your business is of the utmost importance. If you want to make sure your business is protected from crime and other issues, you need to install a quality security system that includes the use of video to deter criminals and catch any wrongdoing. However, it isn’t as easy as setting up a few video cameras and plugging them into a video monitor and video recorder. You need a video matrix switch to create a more effective surveillance system.

What Is a Video Matrix Switch?

The first step in creating an effective surveillance system is to understand what one of these switches is. In general terms, this switch is a combination of a video splitter and a video switch box, providing this device with its name. However, it is more involved than that. This switch will allow you to attach multiple cameras to one input device.

Better Viewing

When you use a video matrix switch for your video security system, you will be able to pull in the video from all your cameras and display them on one screen. In some cases, you may want to view one screen at a time and flip through each one at short intervals so you can see them in larger views. You can also choose to have all the videos displayed on the same screen at the same time, allowing security officers to keep an eye on everything at once. Click here for professional video surveillance services in Houston, TX

Protect Your Business

There are many reasons why you want to keep track of what is going on in your business at all times. Having proper video surveillance is a deterrent for anyone who wants to steal anything from you, whether you run a retail store that deals with shoplifting or you run a larger corporation and need to worry about stealing within the company. Outside your operating hours, you can benefit from running this surveillance to protect your company from wrongdoing when no one is around to see it.

Providing your business with the best possible security often requires the use of a video surveillance system. However, this system won’t be as effective if it isn’t set up properly. To set up this system properly, you need to make use of a video matrix switch to allow you to connect all your cameras to one central location. You can then hire ESI Fire & Security Protection to monitor your entire premises from this one location for better coverage to protect your business.