Protect Your Home and Family from the Destruction of a Fire in Pettis County

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Fire and Security

It’s terrifying to consider what could happen if your home goes up in flames while you’re asleep or away from the property. Keep your loved ones safe by ditching those traditional smoke alarms for upgraded home fire protection in Pettis County. Our fire alarm systems come equipped with several optional features that you can tailor to fit the needs of your property.

Choose the Features that Work Best for You

All of our systems come equipped with a 24/7 monitoring system that you can access remotely from your mobile device. So, whether you are in your bedroom or hundreds of miles away from home, you can access the live video feeds from the cameras in your alarm system. You can also request additional features for your fire alarm like motion sensors, sound sensors that pick up the sound of shattering glass, window and door contacts, and much more.

Remote Access at All Times

The continual monitoring system within your home fire protection package is completely navigational from anywhere you happen to be, whether that is inside your home or not. Unlock the doors for a family member who forgot their keys, open the garage door as you turn onto your street, and even tell the system whether there is a false or real alarm.

Contact Nightwatch Security and Telephone at Website Domain to learn more about the services we provide for home fire protection in Pettis County.

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