Do You Need Replacement Windows In Kennett Square, PA.?

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Home Improvement

Have you noticed a significant increase in your electric bills lately? Maybe you noticed a draft or hear more outside noise than usual. It may be your windows. Check them for cracks and make sure they are properly sealed. It may be time to consider replacement of windows in Kennett Square, PA.

There are so many new window choices on the market today. Double pane windows provide a thermal barrier making them more energy efficient. You can get a tilt-in lift-out sash to make cleaning upstairs windows a cinch. A new feature to choose on your windows would be a low-E coating with argon gas between the panes. There are two different types. One is rated for colder climates and one for warmer climates. You can select double hung windows which means both top and bottom panes move, a 2-lite slider window which is 2 panes and one slides either right or left and 3-lite which is 3 window sections with sliding feature. You can also select from geometric shaped or picture windows which protrude out from the house giving you room to set plants for sunlight.

Because it is difficult to match old windows, it is better to select replacement windows for your entire home. If you are unable to do this all at once due to budgeting, consider replacing them on one side of you house at a time. This will be much less noticeable. You will want to select windows that are easy to repair and low in maintenance. Check with your local window replacement provider such as Walter & Jackson, Inc. for warranties. They will also be able to discuss all your window options and the many colors they can provide for your sashing as well as different latches for security purposes.

Contact your local window installer and ask about free inspections. They can make suggestions for repairs or replacements. They can also give you an estimate to fit into your budget. Your provider will also explain their installation process and let you know how much time it will take to complete the job. Your new windows will lower your energy bills and give your home a beautiful new look.

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