Employment rights issues have changed for the better over the last few decades. Today, just about anyone can find a decent employment rights lawyer for their questions, disputes or lawsuits. One of the top things a good lawyer does is they make sure the rights of their clients are protected and well served in each individual circumstance. They have the knowledge and dedication to ensure no one loses a job or promotion just because of the color of their skin or the gender they were born into. The days are gone when the white male automatically gets the job or promotion based on those two facts alone. In today’s workforce, more often than not, the most qualified candidate gets the job or promotion.
No Discrimination Here
A prominent employment rights lawyer will also make sure no one can be denied not only a job or promotion on a basis of age, race, gender, national origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation, they also make sure they can get all the benefits any other employee may get if they meet all the necessary requirements. This includes the duration of work days, pay rates and scheduled breaks throughout the work day.
Another right that an employee is entitled to in the workplace is the right to privacy in regard to personal items, such as briefcases, wallets, purses, personal storage lockers and more. They also have the right to be free from retaliation as a whistleblower if they report possible criminal activity at the workplace to the authorities. This means an employer cannot harass, terminate or discriminate against the person who blows the whistle in any way.
An employee has a right to a safe environment, including the use of safe equipment and a clean, non-toxic work area. Finally, one of the most important rights an employee has is to be free from harassment of any kind, including sexual, physical and emotional harassment.
Acts That Protect Employees
All these variables are included as employment rights as an employee of any company within the United States. Any qualified employment rights lawyer can ensure all these rights that are regulated by the Age Discrimination Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act are held up in a court of law. There is no reason why a person has to suffer through victimization at the workplace anymore.