A Bondsman Provides Options for People

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

A bondsman is an agent or employee of a bail bonds company. They will act on behalf of a defendant to pay the bail that was set by the judge in North Richland Hills. A bail bondsman is usually called when a defendant does not have the means to pay his or her own bail or cannot borrow the money from any friends or close family members. When this is the case, the only alternative to remaining in jail is to call for a bail bondsman to come help.

Bondsmen are Expedient

Now a bail bondsman North Richland Hills can usually come to the rescue in just a few minutes. They will post the funds for the bail amount, and within an hour or so a person can be free on bail. The defendant will then need to appear in court at the appointed court date in order to have the funds released from the posted bail. Once that happens the bail bondsman will the assess a charge for their services. This is regulated in each state. Right now for the state of Texas this is set at ten percent of the total amount of bail that was paid to the court.

Appeals Can Lower Bond

For any defendant who feels that the bail is set too high, they can always file an appeal. During this process, the judge will re-review the case and the defendant can make their case as to why the bail amount should be lowered. If there are extenuating circumstances, then there may be a chance for the bail amount to be lowered. Now having a lawyer is not required for the appeal process for the bail but it can help. A good lawyer can help to speed up the process as they are highly trained with all of the proceedings and paperwork that is necessary to file an appeal. It is not a guarantee that the bail will be lowered, but it is certainly an option that the defendant has.

If the appeal does not result in a lower bail amount or if the bail amount is still too high then a person still has the opportunity to call a bondsman in North Richland Hills to post the bail amount on their behalf. Now there may or may not be a requirement for some form of collateral from the bondsman. This is completely up to the bondsman or the bail bond company.

The important thing that a defendant should know is that they do have rights. They can appeal any bail amount that was set. They can appeal in the North Richland Hills court or follow that up with an appeal in the appellate court. If bail is still required then they can still call a bondsman for help.

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