Gutters are often overlooked in a home unless there is a serious problem. A homeowner should work with a Gutter Service in Bothell Wa when they want to keep their home as dry as possible. When a gutter malfunctions, it can cause water to travel into a home along the roofline, walls, and basement.


The best way to keep a gutter operating at peak performance is to perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance should include cleaning out the gutters at least once a year. Sticks, leaves, debris, and anything else in the gutter should be taken out and a garden hose should be used to wash fine particles through the downspout. When a homeowner allows debris to build up in the gutter, the gutters overflow and can easily break at the seams.


Gutters are designed to remove water from the roof and home. In some situations, the gutters are not properly aligned and this can result in the water not properly moving to the downspout. In this type of situation, an individual needs an experienced gutter repair service.


A gutter repair service will make every attempt to secure the gutters that are currently on a home. Sometimes the hidden hangers break or become loose. This can happen due to age, improper installation or from the home settling. If the gutters cannot be repaired, a Gutter Service in Bothell Wa will remove and replace the existing gutters with 5K or 6k aluminum gutters that match the home.

Other Services

There are many other services a gutter service company can perform, including moss removal, roof blow off, and skylight cleaning. Moss removal is necessary on a roof because it can rapidly age a roof. A zinc treatment will clean up an unsightly moss outbreak on a roof. Algae and other kinds of moss must be treated properly.

Skylight cleaning is another great service that will improve the light in the home and the clarity to the outside. A gutter service can restore a skylight to its original clarity by removing grime and growth. Contacting a gutter service today will extend the life of a roof and keep a home safe from water invasion.