Major issues with a home waste system’s maintenance can quickly turn into a homeowner’s horror story. But maintaining a working home waste system does not have to be difficult or expensive. Home waste systems do, however, require regular attention and upkeep. It is vital to know what upkeep aerobic treatment systems require, as well as options for Aerobic Maintenance Contracts in Conroe TX before the installation of an aerobic treatment system (ATS).

What is an Aerobic Treatment System?

Aerobic treatment systems are similar to septic systems in that they are small-scale treatment systems primarily used in rural areas that do not have city sewage available. However, the resulting waste from an ATS is more environmentally friendly, allowing for more flexible placement of drain fields. These drain fields are also smaller traditional septic leach fields.

What Kind of Maintenance is Needed?

Despite being more environmentally friendly and making the use of smaller leach fields possible, aerobic treatment systems require upkeep. Like other septic systems, disinfection tablets such as chlorine treatment tablets should be added on a set schedule. These tablets can help prevent environmental contamination and extend the life of the system.

Aerobic treatment systems also require regular inspection. Monthly checks of the pump motor, as well as the pump control timer, are needed. Protecting the aerator compartment from insect damage, and the entire system from vehicle damage, is essential for the aerobic treatment system to continue functioning properly.

What Can Go Wrong?

In areas that have used aerobic treatment systems, high rates of failure were due to a lack of upkeep. Because of this fact, many homeowners sign up for Aerobic Maintenance Contracts in Conroe TX. These contracts come with regular inspection and maintenance, as well as the tablets that are important for the life of the ATS and the surrounding environment. Local company websites such as website domain provide contract details and contact information.

Some Final Thoughts

Aerobic treatment systems are a great alternative to older types of septic systems in rural areas where city sewage is not a possibility. With regular maintenance, these systems can last a long time, be more environmentally friendly, and take up less room than older types of septic systems. But, a lack of regular care can lead to high failure rates and emergency expenses. Aerobic maintenance contracts allow peace of mind knowing that the ATS will last for years to come. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.