There are so many choices when you are planning your wedding. You can get married close to home with all your family and friends around you. Or you can get married at the destination of your choice, either alone or with a few family and friends. If you want to have your wedding somewhere away from home, you can find a great wedding option in many romantic locations. So why choose a St. Thomas wedding package?

St. Thomas is a beautiful tropical island located in the Caribbean Sea. This makes it an ideal location if you want a beach wedding or something in a tropical setting. There are so many setting choices on the island you are sure to find something that best fits your style and creates the wedding of your dreams. Make sure you check into all the possible locations before you choose one so you don’t miss out.

In addition to your St. Thomas wedding package, this island is a great choice because you can also use the area as your honeymoon destination. Many people go somewhere completely different for their honeymoon. When you are in St. Thomas, though, you are able to stay where you are and enjoy the tropical atmosphere and activities for your honeymoon trip instead of taking the time to travel somewhere else.

Another benefit of having your wedding on St. Thomas is its proximity to other islands. As part of the Virgin Islands, you will be able to easily traverse to some of the other islands for activities or just a day alone together. St. Thomas has many of the same amenities as other cities and towns you are used to. There is natural beauty there, but it is quite civilized as well. If you want to spend some time in an even more natural environment, one of the other islands should be a part of your trip.

Making the choice to use a St. Thomas wedding package to get married means choosing a romantic, tropical destination for your wedding. The island offers many beautiful settings from which to choose, as well as the perfect place to stay for your honeymoon. In addition to making use of the St. Thomas amenities, you will be able to visit some of the other islands in the area to get a taste of something different, just you and your new spouse.


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