Where To Store Your Belongings

by | Mar 19, 2013 | moving-services

You have several different options when it comes to storing your belongings.  It is important to know what type of storage in Seattle is available to best meet your needs.  These options could include a basic storage unit, a climate controlled unit or a portable pod.

Whatever you decide, you need to do the necessary research.  Choosing a climate controlled unit might be more expensive than a basic unit, but depending on the climate, it might be worth it.  You have to look at your things and determine the cost versus the value you are getting.

Before choosing storage in Seattle, you should first try to downsize and consolidate your items.  This will save you money because the fewer items you have, the smaller a unit you will need.  It is pointless to store useless items, so this is a good time to purge any unwanted belongings.  You should also consider location of the unit.  If you will need to get into the storage space regularly, it might be wise to choose a unit that is in close proximity to you.

A climate controlled storage unit regulates hot or  cold temperatures along with humidity.  Depending on where you live, this might be a good option, even though the cost might be more.  Sometimes you do not want to take the chance of your items getting damaged by changing temperatures.  This is also another reason you should consider purchasing insurance.  Insuring your items can give you peace of mind.

A portable pod is a structure that is placed on your property and is used for storage.  This is usually meant for people who need temporary storage in Seattle.  The pod will then usually sit in the driveway until it is ready to be emptied.

In an actual storage unit facility, each one is unique.  Some of them have added security such as cameras or a coded gate entry system.  You also want to check the hours of operation and find out what times you can access your belongings.  Once you do rent a space, make sure you utilize the space effectively.  This means organizing and smartly packing your belongings.  The more neatly they are packed, the more you can fit into the space.  Be sure to strategically place your boxes in the unit in case you need access to them later.

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