How to Pack for Removals Company in St. Albans

by | Mar 19, 2013 | moving-services

Moving your home or office is something that is very personal to people. You want the most care taken with your things as humanly possible. When it comes to hiring a professional removals company in St Albans, you only want the best. Most moving companies will pack for you should you want them to do so. Since moving and your possessions are so personal, some people want to pack their things themselves.

When it comes to packing things yourself, there are many different options to have the materials packed appropriately so that the moving company can move your property quickly and effectively. You can find supplies for packing at many different places, but the removals company in St Albans , can also provide you with some of these supplies.

Boxes and Cartons

Boxes and cartons are perfect for small items and breakable items. There are many different things that can be packed in boxes. Bigger boxes are going to be best for heavy items and larger items, but be careful to not over pack the box. If you do, it can break out the bottom and damage your items.

Any valuable or breakable item should be wrapped individually inside the box. There are specialty boxes for things like dishes, mirrors, lamps, and clothes. Label boxes by room to make it easy to unpack.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Packing paper or bubble wrap can be invaluable when it comes to protecting your most prised possessions. You will want to use these materials as padding. Make sure they are unprinted, so they do not stain or leave marks on your possessions.

Furniture Bags

Furniture bags are something that are becoming more and more popular. These are large storage bags that can be sealed around furniture to protect your soft surfaces from dust and bugs while moving. These are great for couches, chairs, mattresses, or any other piece of furniture that you want to protect from the elements.


Moving companies will provide blankets with their trucks, but these can also be helpful for large furniture pieces. One of the best ways to protect delicate corners and furniture is to tape blankets on the edges. This will prevent rubbing in the truck and banged up edges. When you get to your new home or office, padded furniture corners will help to protect your walls, as well.


Tape is important. It will secure anything you need it to secure and can add an extra layer of protection for valuables. Always secure a blanket, plastic wrap, or packing paper with tape to make sure that it stays in place and is going to protect your property during the move.

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