Where To Get Automated External Defibrillator Training in Vancouver, WA

by | Jan 23, 2020 | education

If you need emergency response training services such as automated external defibrillator training in Vancouver, WA, check out website. They provide all types of emergency response training, including CPR and first aid training. If your office, school or church has an AED, you should be sure that more than one person has the training necessary to use it.

What is an AED?
AEDs have become more affordable and commonly available, so they are more widely seen in public spaces. You may have wondered what exactly an AED does and how hard they are to use.

AEDs can be literal lifesavers for individuals who experience a sudden cardiac event. It can perform the operations necessary to analyze the heart’s rhythm. If necessary, the AED will deliver a shock of electricity, which is called defibrillation. This shock can help the heart re-establish its rhythm. Once the AED is used it is still vital to get the individual to emergency treatment. Each minute of delay in treatment reduces the odds of survival, so immediate access to an AED can greatly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

While an AED is designed to be simple to use, training is still required. The best form of training is in a classroom setting, with both lectures and hands-on instruction. You can get that type of automated external defibrillator training in Vancouver, WA, from Emergency Response Training Services. Check out ResponderReady.com to see a complete list of the types of classes offered and how to make arrangements to set them up for your organization.

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