Mistakes We See In Lawn Care

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Pest Control

The most common issues we see in lawn care are because of not knowing how to properly care for a lawn in this specific area of Boynton Beach, Florida. People usually do not have much experience in growing and maintaining a lawn in year-round warm climates, therefore it can create a lot of stress on the lawn during the spring and summer growing seasons.

Planting the Wrong Grass

While many people assume that grass is grass, this is not the case at all. When selecting the type of lawn preferred, you will want to consider several factors first. These factors should include the amount of maintenance you are willing to provide, the soil type, the stress tolerance of variety, and the actual look, texture and density of the grass.

One big mistake is people will often assume grasses that grow well in northern climates will thrive in the warmer climate in Boynton Beach, Florida. This is incorrect however because these northern grass varieties need the cold winter months to grow correctly. Grasses such as bluegrass or fescue will actually die in the hot summer.

Water, Fertilizer and Heat Issues

Based on the environmental conditions and the time of the season, not providing the correct amount of water can result in poor growth, discolored leaves and other issues. Particularly in the heat of late spring and summer, fertilizing as a way to address these problems will actually cause more harm and stress on the grass and growth than good.

Not Catching Pest Problems Early

One of the biggest problems with pests in the lawns in our particular area of Boynton Beach, Florida is the chinch bug. They are particularly bad for lawns and once they start hatching in the spring, they can really devastate a lawn.

The most obvious sign of these bugs are yellow patches in the grass. This occurs because as the chinch bugs feed off the grass to suck juice from the leaves, they release a toxin. This toxin then kills the grass. Chinch bugs are most common in the warmest areas of the yard where the grass is exposed to direct sunlight the majority of the day. To know more, click here.

Treating any or all of these issues is part of the services offered by quality lawn care services. If you have problems, get help early as this can help to save your lawn and also lower the cost of correcting the problem.

At Above & Beyond Pest Control, we provide full lawn care services in addition to a complete line of pest control options. We are often called with the request to rejuvenate a lawn after an owner or another lawn service has created a mess.

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