Many consumers wonder if they are in need of air duct cleaning. Although there is no one set answer to this question, there are some ways to tell if you should call in a professional. When the heating and cooling system doesn’t appear to be working properly, the ducts may need to be cleaned. The same is true if family members appear to be having more issues with asthma and/or allergies. Finally, if you are seeing more dust in the home, chances are this dust has built up in the system and you are likely in need of Air Duct Cleaning in Austin TX.

Many factors should be considered when deciding if this service would be right for you. If you or a family member smokes in the home, you may wish to have your ducts cleaned. This is also true if someone smoked and has now quit, as the smell may linger in the air ducts for a period of time. Air Duct Cleaning in Austin TX helps to clear this smell out. The same is true if you have any improvements made to the home. Sawdust and other particles released into the air may be present in the ducts and cleaning will remove them.

Homes with pets may have a buildup of dander in the air ducts and those who like to open windows during the summer months may have pollen in the ducts, pollen which can spread throughout the home when the system is turned on again. Many companies recommend the system be cleaned a minimum of every three to five years, but you may wish to have this done more often, especially if you have pets and smoke, keep your windows open for a good part of the year, or if you notice an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms.