Renting Hi-Rail Equipment and Machines For Railroads in the USA

by | Feb 18, 2022 | ENGINEERING

Excavators For the Railroad Industry

When you build or maintain railroad tracks and the surroundings, you must deploy the appropriate machinery. A High-Rail excavator is one of the most productive and powerful machines for such important tasks in the rail industry. This type of vehicle could be directly deployed on standard-gauge tracks for smooth and efficient movement. Of course, the maintained sections of the track must be temporarily closed for any commercial and freight traffic. Using powerful hydraulic mechanics, a High-Rail excavator can precisely handle gravel, stones and other aggregates around and below tracks. Such a heavy-duty Hi Rail equipment rental is also compatible with various attachments for handling the ground with the ultimate precision and efficiency. A 360-degree swivel is another important feature on an excavator that’s deployed for railroad maintenance. Additionally, the machine should have a minimum horsepower rating for lifting and moving bulky loads at the maintenance site.

Backhoes For Railroad Tracks

When you shop for Hi Rail equipment rental, you could ask for a backhoe that’s optimized for just about any type of railroad site. This machine could easily get on and off the railroad track when any obstructions stand in the way. For example, large boulders and rocks could create temporarily blocks for operational tracks. A powerful backhoe could slowly remove any large obstacles that interfere with the movement of scheduled trains. Additionally, backhoes have large buckets and other attachments that carry much more than just dirt and debris.

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