What do you do when you need an emergency vet in Ellis County TX? If your pet is gravely ill or has been seriously injured, you need to get to an emergency vet as quickly as possible. You may, out of instinct, drive immediately to your usual vet’s office. Unfortunately, in your panic, you may not remember if your vet keeps extended hours such as late or overnight hours, weekends or holidays. Your regular vet may also not have the facilities or equipment to perform critical care treatment for your pet. If they do not, you have now lost precious time that could cost your pet its life.

To avoid this potential tragedy, check with your regular vet ahead of time and ask if they perform critical care procedures or have extended hours. If they do not, they will almost always be able to recommend an emergency vet for you convenient to Ellis County TX. A vet’s referral is usually the best reference you can get except for personal referrals from friends and family who have had an experience of using an emergency vet in Ellis County TX. A friend or family member can almost always guide you to a good emergency vet either from experience or word of mouth from someone else they know.

Being Prepared for a Trip to an Emergency Vet in Ellis County TX

Before you need an emergency vet you should be prepared by having copies of your pet’s medical records in an easy to locate place such as file cabinet or desk drawer. You should also have the number of an emergency vet in Ellis County TX in a place that is quickly accessible such as on your refrigerator or already saved into your cell phone. Call ahead to the emergency vet to let them know you are on your way. The better prepared they are, the more quickly they can attend to your pet’s immediate and critical needs.

It is also a great idea to have copies of your pet’s medical records already on file at the emergency vet in case you forget to grab them from your filing cabinet before you leave home. You may also be away from home on an outing to the park or lake when your pet becomes ill or injured. There will be no time to retrieve those records from your home when you are rushing to the emergency vet.

Finding an emergency vet before you need them is the smartest thing you can do for your pet. Call around and do the research. Find an emergency vet that is well-prepared, has an updated facility and medical equipment, keeps up with the latest news on pet health and understands how much your pet means to you and your family. Having a game plan, your pet’s medical records and a contact number for an emergency vet can make a crucial difference in the health of your pet. If your pet does not survive his or her injury or sudden illness, you need to know that you did the best you possibly could in getting them to an emergency vet in Ellis County TX.