What is Sod, and Why is it Such an Important and Useful Substance

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Agriculture

Sod is a surprisingly important multifunctional substance. So much so, entire acres of land by the hundreds are dedicated to growing and harvesting it. But what exactly is sod, and why is it so important? Well, to answer that first question, sod – which is also known as turf – is grass, and the accompanying part of the soil underneath it is held together by either the grass’s roots or some other thin material.

The grass is grown on specialized farms (turf farms) and is tended to by grass seeding equipment that helps to renovate as well as aerate the underlying soil. Sod is most commonly grown near the locations that need it in order to minimize the cost of transporting it and the amount of damage that occurs during the process. These turf farms may, in fact, be using many different kinds of grass in the same locations so that customers can have their pick based on their preferences and their intentions. The sod is constantly mowed, watered, and then has the previously cut clippings vacuumed away for about 10 to 18 months. After this, it’s then harvested in small square- or rectangle-shaped slabs or rolled into 4-foot-wide pieces.

After being grown and harvested, the sod is employed for various uses and industries. The most obvious of those is the grass seeding equipment industry, of course. After all, in order to grow it to be used, equipment specifically made for that purpose would probably be best. Sod is also used for lawns, sports fields, and stadiums. It’s commonly sold to landscapers for purposes such as lawn repair and to stop soil erosion. Sod’s usefulness doesn’t stop there, though. It can increase cooling, aids flood prevention with its ability to drain water, and is even able to improve the quality of water and air.

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