If you have cattle on your farm, whether you are breeding for beef or dairy cows, you know how important your bulls are. Bulls can set the stage for quality steers. They can also help you to keep adding fresh cows to your dairy herd. Begin with bull calves for sale that are known for their excellent genetics. If you want your herd to produce first rate milk or beef, you have to be highly selective. Do your research.

Know Where Your Bull Calves are Coming From

Choose bull calves for sale that have thousands of acres to roam. Your calves should be raised on feed that is produced on its home soil. That feed should be pure when it comes to its genetic makeup. It should also be certified. If you can purchase seed to grow the same feed, even better. Look at the history of the breeder you are considering. You want a farm that has gone back for generations, not someone who joined the business recently. Look for a breeder that is recognized on a national level for its excellent reputation. If you want your herd to be superior, you need to begin with a breeder that will offer you only the best.

Make the Process Easy from Start to Finish

When considering bull calves for sale, every aspect of your sale should be handled with ease. Rest assured that your calves will be delivered to you safely. Delivery should be a part of your purchase price. Make sure they are insured in the event that there is an injury or illness in transit. Look for a guarantee for your satisfaction before you make your purchase.