You are likely to see a general dentist more times than any other dental specialist. Why so? Most people will turn to general dentistry for all their dental needs as the first stop before turning to other arenas. Also, a huge percentage of dental treatments fall under preventative and diagnostic, which are all taken care of by general dentists. This piece will aim at discussing more about general dentistry and what it involves. Click here to follow more.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry Roseburg, OR, is uniquely oriented towards the prevention of diseases. Any treatments, procedures, and professionals involved in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases may largely fall under general dentistry.

What does it involve?

The arena in general dentistry Roseburg, OR, may include:

  • Preventive services- these techniques and procedures aid in maintaining good oral health care by preventing dental infections and diseases. The treatments may include routine exams and professional teeth cleanings.
  • Restorative treatments- general dentistry in Roseburg, OR, also tackles the treatment of dental cavities and periodontal diseases. It also includes root canals, fitting dental crowns, tooth replacement, and teeth fillings.
  • Cosmetic procedures- general dentists could also help in improving the appearance of teeth through providing certain simple cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening.

General dentistry is basically the backbone of every dental field. Your general dentist will advise accordingly if you need to see a specialist for your condition. Are you looking for professional advice? Call us now to book an appointment with our lead dentists. Click here to get more information.