What Are Some Benefits of Shopping at a Non-Profit Thrift Store?

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Shopping

Thrift stores, also known as resale stores, can be for profit or non-profit in nature. The main difference between the two is that non-profit institutions is that they are tax-exempt and not focused on making a substantial income. They present many benefits to you as a consumer. Read on to discover the major perks of shopping at these types of stores below.

Find Low-Cost Goods

Non-profit thrift stores in St. Augustine, FL, rely on donations from members in the community to operate. Since they are not for profit, they are able to offer substantial savings, especially when compared to other resale stores. Non-profit thrift shops typically sell clothing, electronics, housewares, and furniture in addition to collectibles and seasonal home decorations along with movies and books. Before opting for new purchases, consider browsing your local non-profit thrift stores in St. Augustine, FL, to save money.

Help Your Local Community

Another key benefit to shopping at non-profit thrift stores is that they often work closely with charitable organizations within the local community. Many shops pair with food pantries, shelters, and other groups to provide assistance with food, housing, and basic care to the less fortunate. Shopping at these organizations is a simple way to do your part to help your community and feel good about your purchases. In addition to this, you will also enjoy reducing your impact on the environment by opting for used and pre-loved items. This is because you are not funding harmful industrialized practices such as factories and reducing landfill waste.

Shopping at non-profit thrift stores is a great way to save money, help your local community, and make more eco-friendly purchases. If you are interested in learning what organizations your money helps, be sure to reach out to your local non-profits to request more information. You can also help by donating your unwanted goods to your favorite non-profit thrift shop. Doing so boosts their inventory and helps them continue to operate.

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