Wedding Tree Crystals Offer a Contemporary Look

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Crystals have long had a place in weddings, often found on wedding dresses, shoes and in the participants’ hair. However, with changes in the way people prefer to decorate wedding receptions, crystals have now found their way into the décor. Instead of using flowers, candles and other traditional centerpieces, more couples are choosing wedding tree crystals instead for a more sophisticated air to their wedding.

A Contemporary Look

If you want to get away from some of the more traditional decoration options people have been using for years, crystal trees can be just what you are looking for. They offer a contemporary look that will have your guests asking you where you got them. Because the branches are flexible, you will be able to form them in any way you want, hanging the beautiful crystals in a decorative manner. Your guests will appreciate the new look these trees provide.


The lighting you use with your wedding tree crystals can have an impact on the overall look of these gorgeous trees. Because the crystals catch the light so easily, you don’t want to overdo the lighting. However, you do have several options other than the overhead lights at the reception hall. You may want to consider buying small battery-operated lights to position directly below the trees. These lights are available in various colors so you can change the colors of your crystals to match your wedding. You may also consider string lights, such as Christmas lights, or candles.

Other Decorations

Even if you choose the crystal trees, you may want to add some other decorations to your tables as well. Instead of solely hanging crystals on your tree, you can supplement the tree with some other small ornaments, such as those you can buy for smaller Christmas trees. You can also position flowers around the base of the tree to help them fit in better with your wedding theme.

Wedding tree crystals can be a beautiful addition to your wedding décor. These trees provide a more contemporary look for your wedding when you don’t want to stick to the more traditional decorating methods. To enhance the look of these trees, you need to consider the type of lighting you wish to use for the trees, as well as any other decorations you want to add to the trees or tables for a unique overall look for your wedding reception.

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