Wedding Chuppahs in Maui Make Beach Weddings Extra Special

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Event Planning

Because a chuppah serves as a covering at Jewish ceremonies, it is often used during beach weddings in Maui. This type of canopy is designed so couples have a symbol of their upcoming home life. It is a commemorative and special covering that adds inspiration to a wedding event.

A Meaningful Addition

Wedding chuppahs in Maui add a meaningful touch to a wedding ceremony. With its basic four-posted construction, the chuppah represents the newlyweds’ first home. The open sides allow the couple to show that their home is open to friends, family, and acquaintances.

A Popular and Trending Wedding Accessory

Wedding chuppahs are popular at Jewish ceremonies, as well as non-Jewish weddings. It is easy to see why. Everyone has caught on to the spirit the chuppah represents – that spirit extends to all newlyweds and their new lives.

If you would like to contact a wedding party supply store, you will find you can rent wedding chuppahs at an economical price. Ask someone to help with accenting the chuppah, or you may want to refer to wedding tutorials on YouTube. Some of the tutorials cover decorating the canopy. This is an ideal accessory to add when you are planning a wedding event. Therefore, it pays to go online and get ideas about its set-up.

Contact a Florist

When you order from a party rental company, you will receive a basic structure that is simple to order and receive. Make your florist your first contact if you want to add a nice floral touch to the canopy. You might also contact a chuppah design company to obtain help with decorating.

You should also think about size, which is usually determined by the size of the tallit being used. Also, not all tallits are perfectly square. Think about who will be standing under the chuppah, and who the tallest person under the covering will be.

Find Out More Today

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