Although the actual wedding ceremony may be stiff and formal, with a series of rites that must be adhered to, this is not the case with wedding receptions in Orange County CA. The wedding reception that is well done is one which reflects the bride and grooms overall style, anything goes.

The reception can be an elegant affair where the guests are all treated to a multiple course sit down meal with liveried wait-staff or it can be elegant and yet informal buffet lunch or a glamorous cocktail party. If the couple has already purchased their home, the reception may be held picnic style in their new back-yard.

A reception does have some elements that are almost set in stone; a good example is the reception line, a toast to the couple usually given by the maid of honor and the best man, a meal of some sort, a wedding cake and music. The only real “must have” is fun and lots of celebrating the future of the newlyweds. All new brides and grooms should be given the opportunity to plan their Wedding Receptions Orange County CA exactly as they want them.

A primary consideration is that the venue can comfortably hold all your expected guests. It must also be able to accommodate the guest’s vehicles and it must be large enough to accommodate dancing or other activities that you may have planned. Think carefully before you commit to a reception.